Packing and Transporting Plant Cuts to Enter in the Flower Show

by Diane McAmmond

Pack a ‘tool box’ and take it with you! Include the Show Schedule (put your name on it), pen, newspaper, ruler, scissors and/or secateurs, and small watercan. You will have marked on the Schedule each class you are entering and noted the name of the variety beside the class.

  1. If you have Entry Forms at home, fill in the Class Number, Class Name, Name of Variety and your own Name. The Variety name is important to the Judges so they know what they should expect, it is mandatory if you have two or more entries in one class and it is of interest to the spectators.

  2. To transport your cuts, use baskets, boxes, laundry baskets, beer flats – with towels or newspaper wound around the vases or containers to keep them upright and away from hitting anything that might do damage to the perfection of your entry

  3. Use a ‘carrier’ – beer bottles in a six-pack case or a wine case or milk bottles in a box with dividers. Canning jars spaced around their case work well for short bushy cuts and small vases will fit in those spaces too.

  4. Many people use buckets, but try to minimize the movement of the flowers so they don’t damage each other.

  5. Empty some of the water out of the containers so they don’t spill. Place your carriers flat in the car, use the floor. With bucket seats, use a towel or newspaper to fill in the dip and give you a flat surface. Use the seatbelt to hold things in place if you can. Even cup- holders can be utilized.

  6. Remember – when you stop, everything tips forward, and going around corners it tips sideways, so prop and place everything accordingly.

  7. Plan the above ahead of time, to prevent last-minute panic. Use your imagination and look at other exhibitors’ set-ups for tips too. Creative husbands have even been known to build carriers. Load up in plenty of time and drive carefully to the Show!

Staging’ Your Entries at the Show

  • Staging refers to the process of trimming and grooming your plant entry and placing it in a container in a way that meets the requirements of the Schedule and looks its best when placed on the Show bench.
  • The Schedule will indicate if the container is to be provided by the exhibitor. Otherwise your entry must be placed in a container provided at the Show. Be sure you bring your own container if required for one of your entries.

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