October 2017

Vegetable Gardening in October by Linda Hohenacker


  • Last week I transplanted several kinds of fall and winter greens from a garden bed, where they were sown a month ago, into my unheated greenhouse.  They will grow well into the winter.  I have since watered with Reindeer Concentrated Kelp mixture and will continue do so occasionally.
  • The last of the large peppers in the greenhouse will be removed today and used as green peppers however the small hot peppers will stay for a while as they are prolific and ripening.  When finished I will just cut off the plants rather than pull them up as the winter greens are planted all around them.
  • Currently we are picking the end of the second crop of figs on our Desert King tree, fall raspberries, the final scarlet runner beans, an odd cucumber and zucchini.  The tomatillos are just finishing as well.
  • I want to do a full clean up and be done but there are too many salad greens throughout the garden so must be content with targeted weeding and plant removal for a time.  The chickweed is back and beautiful for the salads.  Parsley is everywhere and new dandelions once in a while. The sweet peas have replanted themselves and the sprouts are good in the salad, also I have Austrian Winter Peas which is an all winter cover crop.  They are seeded very close together and provide a mat of pea sprouts for salads.  The chicory plants are still going strong, like giant lettuce heads.  Good, but a bitter.  Parsnips have planted themselves again and a crop is coming up.  I will use these while small as salad greens as those coming up now will go to seed in the spring.  Way too many for that.
  • Will start mulching the beets and carrots so they won’t freeze.
  • Kohlrabi that didn’t fill out very well over the summer have filled out well now since it is cooler.
  • Strawberry bed is cleaned out of the thousands of plants and down to a few.  Added manure etc. and we are ready for spring.
  • Raspberries have old plants cleaned out and the giant stalks are tied down to the top wire.  Currently producing.
  • Time to get ready to plant your garlic, we will do so in the next couple of weeks.  In new bins with new soil as we found out we had white mold which affects all alliums and you cannot be rid of it.
  • My no dig strategy for this year has worked out fairly well.  All the plants grew well in it but the carrots are a little harder to get out.  We will see how the parsnips work out.

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