May 2018

Linda’s Garden Chat – May 9, 2018

  • The greens, cabbages, onions etc. planted last month are coming along fine and I am weeding as the new soil does have weeds.
  • Onions are going strong too and the leeks planted late are up
  • So I have sent a soil sample to be tested for peace of mind
  • The peppers, tomatoes and eggplant starts are all doing well and the tomatoes particularly are very tall so I will start to plant the tomatoes out in about a week and the others in the greenhouse a week or so later as they are a little smaller.
  • I will start squash, cucumbers and pumpkins in about a week as it is not long before they are ready to put out.  I have found they do better starting them from seed in the house.
  • The beans will be planted about mid-month.
  • More carrots, beets and Kohlrabi will go in again about mid-month.  The first sowings are coming up nicely.
  • Zinnia seedlings are doing well and some of these will be moved to the flower beds in the front yard and the rest will stay in the veg garden for color.

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