How to Interpret a Title

by Esther Craig

  • When you have a theme, such as St. Patrick, start by writing down all the immediate keywords that come to mind: Ireland, potatoes, mist, green, Leprechauns, lush, damp, drinking, big hats, shamrocks. Bells of Ireland, Baileys, rugby, Irish jig.
  • From those keywords, circle the ones which give you an idea immediately, a sense of excitement, the desire to investigate further, or the chance to try out a style or technique you have been wanting to try.
  • Sketch out some ideas on paper (you don’t have to be able to draw) and eliminate any that require too much time, too much money or would be difficult to build and transport.
  • Decide on one and draw up the mechanics you will need to make it.
  • Find out which plant materials are currently in season and within your budget. Consider what material you can get free from your garden, friends’ gardens and the side of the road if need be.
  • Start collecting the material you need to make the design. If your design is in a container, decide how can you package it up and stabilize it when transporting.
  • Make a list of the material you will need and go shopping. Ditto, if you are getting flowers from your friends – you need to properly condition your floral material to help guarantee they will last for your event.
  • Having fully planned, listed and checked off all you need create your design, you are now calm, cool and collected as you know what you are doing and the process you will be following to assemble. Enjoy creating!!
  • Enjoy placing your design on display and take pleasure in being a competent floral designer!

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