April 2019

What I am doing in the Garden April 2019 – Linda Hohenacker

Weather has been hot in March, but now cool and wet with the odd hot day.

  • Planted outdoors Chinese greens, radish, chicory, endive, peas and sweet peas.
  • Transplanted lettuce that over wintered and new Chinese Cabbage to greenhouse.  Overwintered lettuce outside is doing great too.
  • Planted seed for Zinnias and French Marigold in greenhouse to be planted out to gardens later.
  • Currently plant sitting my new starts – tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, onions, leeks, cabbage, Chinese pink celery, ground cherries and tomatillos
  • Having trouble with some pepper seeds I think I must learn how to save them as must be taking them too soon before the pepper is really ripe.
  • Have started adding organic steer manure and compost to top of beds, not digging, and will add the fertilizer I make when I go to plant each bed.
  • Strawberries and raspberries cleaned up nicely and manure, compost and fertilizer added.
  • Merv is replacing two of the current beds with roofing metal beds as the wood is rotting.  Will be ongoing. Also replacing sprinkler watering with drip hoses every foot as the beds are replaced.
  • Beets and lettuce are coming up nicely in place where I saved seed last year.  Will sort them out and keep as much as possible.
  • Will plant some of the carrots, beets, kale, chard, parsnips, cabbage and kohlrabi soon.
  • By end of month will hopefully plant the onions and leeks out and also the cabbage and other cooler weather plants started in the house.
  • Will start cucumbers and squashes in the house.
  • Have my soil report back from MB labs now have to figure out what needs to be amended in the beds.

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