September in the Garden

by Jane & Wilson Grahame
  • Continue to weed, don’t let weeds go to seed – it doubles your work next year.
  • September can be dry so keep on watering.  Camellias need water to prevent bud-drop next spring.
  • Keep on deadheading annuals and perennials – it extends the blooming season.  Compost annuals after they have finished blooming.
  • Walk around the garden and make a list of what needs to be moved and what new plants are needed.
  • Lift and divide perennials (pick a damp, cloudy day).  Use divisions from the periphery, discard the old centre, use bone meal (promotes roots) not fertilizer (promotes new leaves) when transplanting. Don’t cut old stems back to ground until spring – they protect the plant in cold weather.
  • Don’t move trees or shrubs until they become dormant, (i.e. they have lost their leaves).
  • Select and plant new perennials to fill in any colour gaps.
  • Plant peonies – choose position wisely – they prefer to be left undisturbed for many years.
  • Put in the garbage any diseased plant material – black spot, powdery mildew.
  • Buy bulbs early while the selection is best, you don’t have to plant them until Oct. or Nov.  Plant in groups of odd numbers, not straight lines.
  • Good time for sowing grass seed.
  • Check that ties around trees and shrubs are not cutting into the bark.
  • Bring houseplants back into the house before the heat is turned on – they will acclimatize more easily.  First clean the plant and pot scrupulously and spray with insecticidal soap.
  • In the water garden:
    Stop fertilizing plants to allow them to harden
    Cut off decaying foliage
    Remove water lettuce, water hyacinth, and fairy moss. Put in compost. (If left predisposes pond to algae).
    Remove excess parrot feather – leave the rest in a pot on the bottom.
    Do not discard oxygenators (e.g. barrenwort)
    Cut down on feeding fish as their metabolism drops
    Lay fine mesh plastic netting over the surface to catch leaves and needles – empty once a week.

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