September 2019 Parlour Show


1. “School Days, School Days”: An design in a student lunch box or other lunch container.

2. “Up, Up and Away”: A triangular design in a compote type container (a container raised on a stem, such as a wine glass or pedestal vase).

3. “Fresh Squeezed”: A design featuring Oranges and orange flowers, the colour orange being dominate.

4. Asters: One cut any variety.

5. Calendulas: Three cuts, any variety, one container.

6. Japanese Anemones: Seed heads removed, one cut.

7. Annuals: Five cuts, one or more varieties, one container.

8. Dahlias-class BB, which is 4-6 inch blooms. Three cuts, one or more varieties, one container.

9. Beef Steak Type Tomato: One ripe, displayed on plate provided.

10. Figs: Three, any variety displayed on plate provided.

11. Summer Squash: One, any variety, displayed on plate provided.

12. Surprise Us:  Something edible out of your garden: one specimen, own container (plate, bowl, vase).

13. Anything Goes: Open, non-competitive category. Enter anything you want.

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