November 2019 Parlour Show


1. “Lest We Forget”: A Remembrance Day a design featuring a photograph of one who served in the military.

2. “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”: A line design incorporating bare branches.

3. “Seein’ Red”: A design in which red flowers are dominate.

4. Pansies: Three blooms, one or more varieties, displayed on plate of moss.

5. Heather: Three cuts, one or more varieties, one container.

6. Potted Indoor Flowering Plant: Any variety.

7. Dry Seedheads: Three cuts, one or more varieties, one container.

8. Hazelnuts: Five, displayed on plate provided.

9. Storage Onions: Three, one variety, displayed on plate provided.

10. Surprise Us:  Something edible out of your garden: one specimen, own container (plate, bowl, vase).

11. Anything Goes: Open, non-competitive category. Enter anything you want.

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