November 2017

  • Cleaning up debris and composting it to be ready for spring.
  • Covering beets and carrots with leaf mulch to keep from freezing as they will be used straight out of the garden.
  • Collecting seaweed and leaves, the leaves will remain in black garbage bags tied up and will decompose over the winter.  The seaweed can be put on the garden now or wait until early spring.
  • Picking salad greens from the garden where they are covered with shade cloth for warmth, and also where they are not covered.  The parsley, romaine style lettuce, chicory and chickweed are still doing well without covers.  The salad greens in the unheated greenhouse are also doing well.
  • Using the cabbage, kohlrabi, kales and root vegetables as needed.
  • Black radishes are growing vigorously.
  • Putting away saved seeds for next year’s planting.  Label them well including the year grown as seeds become unviable at different rates.
  • Ordering my Baker Creek seed catalogue for winter excitement.
  • Brought two large parsnips that grew from the self sown seed.  These were grown in the undug ground and did well.  They have a few legs from hitting hard spots but even those legs were quite big.  
  • Talking about getting an air pump for next year and making compost and manure teas to provide more nutrients for the garden with lesser amounts of input of the compost and manure.
  • Working on changing the configuration of one large bed.  Raising the levels and changing the direction to keep the fig tree from grabbing all the nutrients and allowing us to pick it more easily.

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