March 2018

Garden Talk, Wednesday March 14. 2018


  • Cold weather has hampered completing preparation of garden beds but that is now well underway
  • Onion seedlings are about 3 inches tall in their pots, started in the house and now out in the sunroom.  Three kinds Ailsa Craig, Stuttgarter and Walla Walla. Hope to be able to save seed frm one kind this year.
  • Found out the hard way that onion seed is only viable for one year.  Only the walla walla came up the first plant as that was new seed. Others had to be replanted with new seed.
  • Get a seed viability chart and quit showing Scottish tendencies
  • Just planted seeds for tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplants, cabbage and peppers.  In house on heating mats.
  • Eating lots of greens from the garden and greenhouse.
  • Dug last of parsnips and saved five in a patch for this year’s seed.  New patch is up about 3 inches high.
  • Deciding which of my over wintered kale to let seed and which to eat.
  • Merv building two new raised beds for onions out of metal roofing.  Trying to avoid the white mold that is attacking our alliums so will put in the cloth to keep it out and also the fig tree roots.  Then find new soil for it.
  • Want to get enough of the beds with amendments added to plant new greens especially Chinese greens and the sweet peas.  
  • Adding seaweed, leaf mulch, compost and what rabbit manure I have which will not be enough.  Also the mixture of minerals called Complete Organic Fertilizer from Steve Solomon’s book “Gardening When It Counts”            .


Please pick up Black Cherry Seeds, Scarlet Emperor Bean Seeds, and Snapdragon seeds IF YOU ARE GOING TO START THEM.

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