June 2019

What Am I doing in My Veg Garden June 2019

  • Thinning all those rows planted last month, beets, chard, carrots, kohlrabi etc.
  • Planting more carrots and beets
  • Moving new seedlings to permanent places on the cooler days. Some of these were raised in furnace ducting filled with soil. Includes lettuce, sui choi, celtuce, multi colored spinach (an amaranth) and winter turnips
  • Taking out plants past their prime such as mizuna, lettuce and other greens to make way for the new seedlings
  • Pinching out the indeterminate tomatoes and tying them up
  • Weeding and of course eating as many as possible, currently dehydrating purslane to grind up for soups
  • Keeping a close eye on which plants are being eaten and taking care of the culprits
  • Setting up the shade cloth and making sure to put it out on very hot days
  • Setting up climbing structures for cucumbers and squash
  • Picking strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb and lots of greens
  • Watering and being obsessed about who is not doubling quickly enough
  • Clean out your deep freeze to be ready

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