June 2019 Parlour Show


1. “When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New”: A circular (wreath shaped) arrangement appropriate for a wedding anniversary.

2. “Here Comes the Bride’s Mother” A corsage for the mother of the bride.

3. “Let the Sunshine In” An design with yellow and gold flowers being dominant.

4. Peonies: One cut, any variety.

5. Hostas: Three leaves, one or more varieties, one container.

6. Iris, Bearded: One cut, any variety.

7. Rose: One cut, any variety.

8. Lily: One cut, any variety.

9. Strawberries: Five berries, on plate provided.

10. Peas: Five pods, fresh, any variety, on plate provided.

11. Surprise Us:  Something edible out of your garden: one specimen, own container (plate, bowl, vase).

12. Anything Goes: Open, non-competitive category. Enter anything you want.


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