July in the Garden

by Shirley Rainey

as published in the Penninsula Garden Club Gleanings newsletter (July 2010)

General Activities
• Keep deadheading and weeding frequently.
• Apply slow release fertilizer to the lawn. Raise the mower blade when cutting. Water according to CRD
1″ recommendations.
• Whenever possible use soaker hoses on beds and water in the early morning.
• Containers and hanging baskets may need watering twice daily in hot weather. Fertilize with 20-20-20 or
Miracle Gro.
• Moisten and turn compost frequently.
• Trim evergreen hedges.
• Look out for caterpillars, aphids, slugs and snails and remove them.

• Cut back and fertilize to encourage a second show of flowers.
• Bearded iris should be lifted and divided after blooming as necessary.
• Biennials sown in June can be planted out.
• Watch for black spot and mildew on roses. Remove any infected leaves and put in the garbage. Deadhead.
Feed with rose food and water well at the soil level to avoid wetting the foliage.
• Mulch and feed dahlias. Taller varieties will need staking for support.
• Collect seeds and dry thoroughly prior to storing in a cool dry place.
• Cut sweet peas frequently to encourage continued flowering.
• Buy and plant fall flowering bulbs.
• Cut back lupins and delphiniums. Tidy up and cut back foliage of early flowering perennials.
• Take softwood cuttings from lavender, hebe and senecio.
• Clip back lavender after blooms fade to prevent plant becoming leggy.

• Prune back wisteria, philadelphus, deutzia and weigela after flowering.

Vegetables & Fruit
• Vegetables grow fast in summer heat and must be fed and watered regularly.
• Harvest regularly and continue sowing peas, beans, carrots, green onions, arugula, corn salad and oriental
• Winter crops of cauliflower, winter cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli and chard can be sown now.
• Cut herbs to freeze or hang to dry.
• Tomatoes should be supported in cages. Pinch out the tip when 4 or 5 trusses have set.
• Protect cauliflower by turning the leaves inward.
• Make sure potatoes are well covered to prevent sunburn and toxic green skin.
• Earth up Brussel sprouts for support.
• Cut out the tip of broad beans when 2′ high to prevent black fly infestation.
• Cut off the growing point of runner beans when they reach the top of the pole.
• Check cabbages for caterpillars.
• Harvest garlic and shallots when tops die.
• Detach strawberry runners and separate new plants. Remove 3 year old plants after fruiting.
• Cut out old raspberry canes after fruiting.

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