February 2019

  • Cold weather has hampered completing preparation of garden.
  • Onion seedlings are about 3 inches tall in their pots, started in the house and now out in the sunroom.  Three kinds Stuttgarter, Wethersfield Red and Walla Walla. One more variety just planted.
  • Also Chinese Pink Celery is up in pots.
  • Just planting seeds for tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplants, cabbage, a few lettuce for head start, broccoli, cauliflower and peppers.  In house on heating mats.
  • Want to get enough of the beds with amendments added to plant new greens especially Chinese greens and the sweet peas maybe next week.  
  • Adding leaf mulch composted organic manure and my own compost..  Also the mixture of minerals called Complete Organic Fertilizer from Steve Solomon’s book “Gardening When It Counts”.
  • Garlic is up nicely and some Chinese greens have overwintered and starting to grow.
  • Will be cleaning out the strawberry bed shortly.

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